Club History

Established 1891.

It was due to the initiative and enthusiasm of Dr. John Allison that golf was introduced into Kettering and a golf club formed in 1891.

Dr. John Allison arrived in Kettering in 1889 from Coldstream in Berwickshire. He qualified in Edinburgh, and then worked as a house surgeon at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. In Kettering he became the senior practitioner during a career which lasted until he retired in 1930.

He was the first captain of the club and it was he who talked to Tom Morris of St. Andrews to layout the original nine-hole course, now an 18 hole course. In the early days Dr. Allison would be out in the mornings mowing the greens and with a tobacco tin he would true up the holes.

Kettering was the pioneer club of the county and the first nine hole course was established on land rented from the Duke of Buccleuch.

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