Dress code on the course

• Recognised Golf Shoes (SOFT SPIKES preferred) must be worn. 
• Tailored Trousers (which may NOT be tucked into socks) or Tailored Golf Shorts (which may not cover the knees) with Long socks or with Ankle / Sports Socks, which should be predominantly WHITE. 
• Recognised Golf Shirts or Shirts with a Collar and Sleeves and must be tucked into Shorts or Trousers. 
• Golf Caps and Headwear must be worn as designed to do so. 
• Ladies may wear tops outside their Trousers, Skirts or Shorts when they are designed to do so.  


• Denim Jeans, Cargo Pants or Combat Trousers, Rugby/Football/Athletic Shorts, Football and Rugby Socks, Leggings and Tight-Fitting Pants and Sun Tops are not permitted. Long Socks may not be rolled down. Sleeveless shirts, training Shoes or other Non-Golfing shoes are not permitted.
• Mobile Phones: Golfers may take phones onto the Golf Course for Emergencies only or for use as distance only measuring application and must be on Silent Mode.

In the Clubhouse

• AT ALL TIMES: Smart Casual or Golf Wear as stated above (Soiled or Wet Clothing is NOT acceptable). 
• JEANS: All colours (including denim) are permitted within the Clubhouse and on the patio area. They must be smart and clean (i.e. no rips/tears/fraying/faded/baggy jeans, no tradesmen’s working jeans). Jeans are not allowed on the Putting Green or the Practice Net area but may be worn on the rear Practice Area.
• SOCIAL FUNCTIONS: Smart Casual but the Organisers may stipulate a "higher" standard of dress for specific functions. 
• SHOES AND SOCKS must be worn at all times except ladies (Sandals may be worn without Socks during the Summer Months). Smart Training Shoes are permitted in the Clubhouse and on the patio area. 
• MOBILE PHONES may NOT be used for conversation in the Clubhouse but may be used ONLY in the Car Park or on the Clubhouse patio area. NOT PERMITTED IN THE CLUBHOUSE

• Golf shoes (except in the Spike Bar). 
• Golf Hats or Headwear of any kind. 
• Waterproof Clothing.
• Tracksuits.

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